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Added Safety



By: Evan Baker

The members of Fairview Fire & Rescue are continuously training and looking for better ways to protect and serve our community. Recently we have added new safety features to better protect our ambulance patients and our personnel.

Several months ago we upgraded the safety straps on the patient stretcher to “criss-cross” style straps. These straps are not only more secure but also add a better comfort factor for our patients. Patients are nearly as secure as a racecar driver once these straps are secured.

On September 30th, thanks to a grant from Highmark Insurance and a generous benefactor, we were finally able to achieve one of our goals and have a Stryker Power-Load system installed. This system assists in lifting the stretcher in and out of the ambulance as well as locking the stretcher in place. This gives added safety to our patients as well as reduces the potential for injury to our crew members. This system will lift up to 600 pounds at the push of a button.

The Power-Load system has been a goal and dream of our members for several years. Unfortunately, it has taken some time to realize this dream due to the equipment costing over $30,000.