Fairview Fire and Rescue

Your donations help protect our Community

Fairview Fire & Rescue is a volunteer Fire, Rescue, and EMS company. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our operating funds come from the generosity of the residents and businesses of the township that donate to us.


Donations are used to purchase new equipment that is needed to protect you and your families. It is also be used to maintain and repair existing equipment so that it can continue to function properly and replace outdated or severely damaged items. By donating, you are helping to ensure that the equipment is in good working order and that it is available when it is needed most.


Training is an essential part of any organization, and emergency services are no exception. New personnel require training to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their duties effectively. Sustainment training is also important for seasoned personnel to keep their skills up-to-date and stay current with the latest developments in emergency services.

By donating, you are helping to ensure that the personnel of Fairview Fire and Rescue are well-trained and equipped to carry out their duties. This, in turn, helps us make a positive impact in our community.


It is important to note that technology is constantly evolving, and emergency services need to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. We must be able to learn and train on new technologies that can be beneficial for the protection of our community. By doing so, we can ensure that we can provide the best possible service to the public, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

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You can select the frequency and amount of your donation to Fairview Fire and Rescue.

By supporting emergency services, you can help ensure that they have the necessary resources to provide the best possible service to the public, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

We ask that everyone consider giving what they can to help us; any amount is helpful. The fact that we continue to be a volunteer department helps everyone save money. If we were not here doing what we do without a paycheck, the township would be forced to staff and equip a municipal-run department, which in turn could significantly raise the taxes of every resident and business in the area.

Recently other municipalities have started to enact fire and EMS taxes to support their local volunteer departments. We do not wish to see that come to Fairview Township but to avoid this, it will take help from those in the community. Currently, only about 26% of those in our community donate to Fairview Fire and Rescue.

Donate by Mail

Checks payable to Fairview Fire and Rescue can be mailed to:

Fairview Fire and Rescue
PO Box 69
Fairview, PA. 16415