Your donations help us purchase new as well as maintain and repair existing equipment needed to protect you and your families.


Your donations help us pay for necessary training for new personnel as well as sustainment training for our seasoned personnel.


Even in emergency services, technology is always changing and you help us keep up to date with current and developing technologies.

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Fairview Fire & Rescue is a volunteer Fire, Rescue, and EMS company. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Our operating funds come from the generosity of the 26% of residents and businesses of the township that donate to us.   We ask that everyone consider giving what they can in order to help us; any amount is helpful.  The fact that we continue to be a volunteer department helps everyone save money.  If we were not here doing what we do without a paycheck, the township would be forced to staff and equip a municipal-run department, which in turn would raise the taxes of every resident and business in the area.