Fairview Fire and Rescue

Dial 911 in an emergency

Fairview Fire and Rescue is a volunteer department in Fairview Township, Erie county, Pennsylvania, serving our township and neighboring communities with pride and dedication.



Our team of dedicated volunteers is here to assist you in any emergency. We are highly trained in fire protection, prevention, emergency medical services, and rescue for any type of situation.

Proudly serving Fairview Township since 1933

Since 1933, our personnel have worked tireless hours training and responding to all types of emergencies in our township and surrounding communities working hand in hand with neighboring emergency agencies. Over the years, calls to 911 have increased significantly and our personnel are responding more frequently to a broader response area including nearly all parts of western Erie county, Millcreek, and the city of Erie. We have even responded as far east as Harborcreek and south beyond Edinboro.

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