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Fire Related Incidents are calls we respond on related to structure fires, fire and CO alarms, brush fires and any other related incidents.

School District’s Generous Donation

School District’s Generous Donation Unprecedented state of Emergency Few if any of us have imagined we would ever see anything like the events we see unfolding before our eyes in our country, It is almost like a movie is playing out.  We all watched as the news showed shortages in the stores and the counts…

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2020 Fund Drive Has Begun

District Residents,

It’s that time of year again, the 2020 Fund Drive is now in progress. Please watch for our letter in the mail. Fairview Fire and Rescue has been proudly serving the Fairview area for the last 87 years!

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Grants Approved

Grants Approved Annual Grants The Office of the State Fire Commissioner has notified Fairview Fire & Rescue that our applications for grants have been approved.  These grants are available to emergency responder agencies for the purchase and replacement of equipment, debt reduction or purchase of other items that can assist the agencies in becoming more…

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