About Us

The Fairview Fire and Rescue, a volunteer fire and EMS department has been proudly serving Fairview Township, Erie County, PA since it was founded in 1933. Since 1933, the fire department has seen a lot of changes, but one thing remains the same: providing fire, rescue, ambulance, and fire police services to the township and surrounding agencies.

In 1933 the founding members of the department purchased a Chevy pickup truck that was converted into our first pumper. Since its inception, the department has grown and has moved its headquarters, known as Station 52. This is located at 7190 West Ridge Rd, Fairview. This location houses our business offices and our ambulance, utility truck, tanker, rescue and primary engine.

Our second station, Station 53, is located at 7040 West Ridge Rd, Fairview. This station houses our reserve engine and a local crew for West County Paramedics, the local ALS and backup BLS service.