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By: Evan Baker

As the members of Fairview Fire and Rescue met for the regular business meeting in December, Chief Baker made a special presentation in recognition of life-saving efforts by members in November.

Shortly after 0200 on November 17th, Fairview along with West County Paramedics were summoned to a residence for a patient with abnormal breathing which moments later was upgraded to cardiac arrest. Crews arrived to find the family performing phenomenal CPR. Crews took over and after several minutes of resuscitation achieved a return of spontaneous circulation. After a stay at a local hospital, this patient returned home to normal life and was on hand tonight for the award ceremony.

Pictured above from left to right are Assistant Chief Bahrenburg, Chief Baker, Kraig Rainey, Eric Ballard, Max Grechanyy and 2nd Assistant Chief Wagner. Those recognized:

Fairview Fire and Rescue-
Kraig Rainey, Captain, PHRN
David Sharer, Lieutenant, EMT
Michael Kenworthy, Lieutenant, EMT
Eric Ballard, Firefighter, EMSVO
Max Grechanyy, Firefighter

West County Paramedic Association-
Harve McCabe, Paramedic
David Luker, Paramedic
Sara O’Brien, EMT
Samantha Humphrey, EMT

Also on hand-Taylor Meehl, EMT

None of this would have been possible without the CPR performed by family before the arrival of our crews! This is your sign to become informed and learn CPR. As always, if you’d like to join in our lifesaving mission reach out or stop by any Wednesday at 7pm.

Pictured Above (Left to Right)
Assistant Chief Doug Bahrenburg, Chief Evan Baker, Captain- Kraig Rainey, Firefighter Eric Ballard, Firefighter Max Grechanyy, Assistant Chief Jim Wagner