Fairview Fire and Rescue


Glass Recycling



By: Evan Baker

We are happy to announce after several months of discussion and research, Fairview Township has a glass recycling location. With the assistance of Bayfront Glass, LLC and a generous benefactor who is paying the monthly fee, we are able to provide a glass recycling location at Station 52, 7190 West Ridge Rd, Fairview our main Fire Station.

Please take advantage of the site, the recycling bins are located in the southwest corner of our parking lot closest to the beer distributor. We ask that you use caution when entering and exiting our parking lot in case of personnel or apparatus coming or going to emergency calls.

Exit and enter our parking lot from West Ridge Rd. Please do not attempt to drive around our building as it could be dangerous due to apparatus coming around the building. Park your vehicles on the western edge of our parking log near the beer distributor where you will be safely out of the way of department activities.