Fairview Fire and Rescue


Funding Needed



By: Evan Baker

As we approach the end of our annual fund drive, we are near another opportunity for the community to help our department support and protect them. Fairview Fire and Rescue is a member of Erie Gives, and you can donate to us through Erie Gives on Tuesday August 8, 2023.

In January of this year, Fairview Fire and Rescue placed an order for a new rescue truck to replace our 1998 Rescue. This apparatus will cost more than $900,000 when it is delivered, tentatively in 2025. In addition to the cost of the apparatus, we have additional equipment that we intend to upgrade to replace other aging equipment adding newer technologies, as well as helping with better organization of the equipment for more efficiency in our operations.

In addition to those future needs, we have current needs and projects that we are working to find funding for. Some of these projects include our annual gear replacement. Due to NFPA regulations, our firefighting gear is only serviceable for 10 years and then it is supposed to be replaced. Also, if gear gets damaged and worn out, may need to be replaced prior to the 10-year expiration date, so we strive to replace at least 4 sets of gear each year. Over the next 18 months, we have 10 sets of gear that will be expiring, and are working to replace all of them. Each set of gear cost approximately $3700 when we purchased our last round of gear, and unfortunately, this cost increases nearly every year and with current inflation rates, costs have jumped significantly over the last 3 years.

Another large project that we have on our horizon is the upgrade of our cascade system. This is a system to fill the cylinders for our breathing apparatus. This project has a cost of approximately $50,000 to upgrade the air storage and air compressor for the system.

Needed Major Purchases
  • Rescue Apparatus $925,000
  • Cascade System $50,000
  • Turnout Gear $3700/set
Additional Needs for the Rescue
  • Drawer chest toolbox
  • Electric positive-pressure ventilation fans
  • Upgrades to hydraulic rescue tools