Fairview Fire and Rescue


Help our personnel access your business in a timely manner after hours without doing unnecessary damage.

Time is of the essence when responding to emergencies.  During a fire alarm, firefighters need to gain access to a structure as quickly as possible to determine if a problem exists.  When no one is on-site to let the firefighters in, entry is delayed.  In the past, fire departments would typically wait for a subscriber to respond after conducting an external scan of the building.  If a subscriber was not available or delayed, crews would forcibly enter the building potentially causing unnecessary damage.

Local Building Codes are beginning to require that a lock box system be put in service on all new construction.  This secure box is fastened to the exterior of the structure and contains the keys to enter the building and any needed internal keys.  The fire department carries one master key that fits all of the lock boxes in the district.  Obviously, this makes entry into the buildings much quicker to determine if a problem exists.

Fairview Fire & Rescue has been utilizing the Knox System within our district for more than ten years.  The vendor we use is the Knox Company – makers of the Knox Box.  We have established the following guidelines listed below to assist contractors building and building owners within our district.

Procuring a Knox Box Online (Recommended Method)

  1. Click here to go to the Knox Box Website
  2. Click the BUY button on the screen
  3. Select Pennsylvania
  4. Enter Fairview Fire Dept
  5. Follow the on-screen directions to order.
  6. NOTE: The default options typically apply to the majority of the installations, so you can leave those selections as is.
  7. Enter the Buyer Information to Finish!

Procuring a Knox Box by Phone

Call Knox Box Customer Service at 866-625-4563.  Advise them you want to purchase a Knox Box for your building. You may be asked which model you would like to purchase. You can view the different models available on the Knox Box Website. Make sure you tell the operator that the fire department is Fairview Fire & Rescue.

We recommend the Knox Box 3200 Series

The most popular KNOX-BOX product is the heavy-duty, high-security 3200 Series key box that stores keys, access cards and other small items. Optional tamper switches allow you to connect the KNOX-BOX to a building’s alarm system, adding
further security.

Note: It is recommended for new concrete or masonry construction, that you purchase a recessed Knox-Box with a Recessed Mounting Kit (RMK).

Knox Box Installation

Generally speaking, the box should be installed in a location that is readily visible and accessible to responding firefighters. Boxes should be mounted about chest height in an open space without obstructions on a solid surface.  Questions regarding installation can be referred to the fire department.  Contact the station at 814-474-5091 and leave a message for the Chief officers. One of the Chief officers will return your call as soon as possible.

Securing the Knox Box

Contact the station at 814-474-5091 ext 1 and leave a message for the Chief officers. Please leave a point-of-contact and phone number so a member of the fire department can schedule a time to secure the box.

You should have all the necessary keys to allow fire personnel throughout the facility. Additionally, you should include any codes needed to reset alarms.


Any questions regarding the purpose, procurement, installation, or closing of the Knox Box should be referred to the fire station. Simply call 814-474-5091 and leave a message for the Fire Chief. One of the Chief officers will return your call as soon as possible. Questions specific to the Knox-Box design or hardware installation should be referred directly to the Knox Box Customer Service Line at 866-625-4563.