Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention This week marks the 100th anniversary of recognizing a specific week to make efforts to increase awareness and education for the public. Fire Departments all over make efforts throughout the entire year to spread education and awareness of what to do in the event of an emergency, but this is a week when…

School Buses

School is in Session Fall is once again upon us and brings the presence of school buses and kids on their way to and from school. Unfortunately each year we hear of more and more accidents involving school buses and school kids. National statistics show an average of nearly 7500 injuries a year resulting from…

2022 Fund Drive

Those living in Fairview Twp should have received the letter announcing our annual fund drive. We are very grateful to the members of our community who support our efforts to provide quality protective services to the businesses, citizens, and visitors to our community.

Glass Recycling

We are happy to announce after several months of discussion and research, Fairview Township has a glass recycling location. With the assistance of Bayfront Glass, LLC and a generous benefactor who is paying the monthly fee, we are able to provide a glass recycling…

2021 Grants

As we all know prices continue to increase on nearly everything in daily life. Equipment that is used in the Fire, Rescue and EMS services are no exception. We are very grateful to those in our community who donate to us during our annual fund drive as well as….