Storm Siren Re-Test
May 10, 2020
Evan Baker
Storm Siren

Retest Required

On April 15th the county performed the quarterly storm siren test, unfortunately, the test did not perform as it was supposed to.  In conjunction with the county 911 system, mobilecom and Fairview Fire & Rescue had our siren rechecked.  On April 21st it was determined that everything is functioning properly at our siren site.  We have been granted permission to perform another test.

Time and Date

We have requested the new test be performed on Sunday May 24th at 1:30 PM.


Those who have heard our storm siren in the past should notice a difference in the siren now. Regrettably when the siren was originally installed there was a glitch in the programming of the siren and it sounded like a shop-vac running in the distance.  This is not how it was supposed to sound.  We have ensure and rechecked the programming to have the siren perform along with the national standard for storm sirens.

The siren should go through 3- 1 minute cycles.  What that means is that it should activate and “scream” at the high pitch for 1 minute, turn off then activate for another minute.  It will turn off and activate for a third minute then shut down completely.  

Please listen in to see if you can hear it wherever you are throughout the township and feel free to let the department know if you were able to hear it.  This will help us know whether the siren is effective.  




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