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Level 1 Staffing

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On April 1, the PA Dept of Health has revised the Level 1 staffing requirements due to the Covid-19 emergency.  Fairview Fire & Rescue is taking advantage of EMS Information Bulletin 2020-11 in order to alleviate the potential strain on our and West County EMS systems.

Minimum staffing requirements of Act 35 are temporarily lessened based on the Informational Bulletins from the Dept of Health. While this allowance from the Dept of Health is in effect, the below will be the minimum required staffing the Fairview Fire & Rescue’s Ambulance.


  1. BLS staffing- (1) EMT and (1) EMSVO
    1. During hours we do not have a duty EMT, EMSVO May Not respond in ambulance and rely on West County EMT, it needs to be one of our own personnel.
    2. EMT will perform patient care
  2. Transporting ALS will still require EMT
    1. If EMR responding only, must still take EMT and Medic from WCP


Keep in mind, additional QA by the state will most likely occur.  Please make sure thorough documentation happens even more than usual.

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EMS Informational Bulletin