Unprecedented state of Emergency

Few if any of us have imagined we would ever see anything like the events we see unfolding before our eyes in our country, It is almost like a movie is playing out.  We all watched as the news showed shortages in the stores and the counts of those infected increased on a daily basis.  Even medical supplies have been in short supply with hospitals, doctors, and emergency responders finding themselves short on necessary items to help protect themselves and patients from the spread of the disease.  Medical supply companies were out of stock of many items or showing things on back order causing delays in getting supplies to where they were necessary.  It was definitely a cause for concern and unfortunately even caused fear in many.

Fairview Fire & Rescue has felt the weight of the supply crunch on our shoulders like everyone else.  Just like every other agency in the country, we never fathomed the breadth of an emergency putting such a strain on the medical system as this has.  We had enough supplies on hand to handle the “day-to-day” emergencies and types of incidents that we would potentially need these items.  However, if the situation changed and we were inundated with emergencies to the level that some were predicting, we would have been short-supplied.

Hope in trying times

Thankfully in these times of fear and trepidation, many have stepped up to help their fellow man.  Many have gone out of their way to check on neighbors, and make sure others in the community have food and other necessities and the Fairview School District is no different.  The school district has stepped up and offered aid to the local hospitals and emergency responders.  District staff and numerous volunteers worked tirelessly to make hundreds of masks and face shields for the local hospitals and first responder agencies.

Our personnel uses what is called an N95 mask when we treat patients with potentially infectious respiratory illnesses to protect our crews and prevent the spread of the infection from getting passed on to us and consequently on to others. When we saw the scope of the emergency growing, we took steps to bolster our supply to ensure we would not get left without an emergency.  Just like every other agency, we found ourselves waiting on back orders and on limited supply available to governmental supply.  CDC and other agencies put out guidelines to prolong the use of these masks, one of which is to put a “surgical” style mask over them to protect them.  The school district obtained information and patterns from one of the local hospitals and went into action.  We are very grateful to have such amazing people in our community to think of us and provide equipment to help us in this great time of need.

Dr. Kincade delivered a number of masks on Saturday furthering our efforts to protect our personnel as we continue to protect our community.  Thank you very much Fairview School District.

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