New CPR Equipment

Last night, April 12th, 2023, at the monthly business meeting of Fairview Fire and Rescue, the members voted to purchase a new life-saving device to assist with CPR. The device, Lucas chest compression system, is an automated device that can perform compressions for CPR. In today’s climate where EMS agencies are stretched to the limit and manpower at times is difficult to muster, this device can assist in performing CPR and potentially assist with better outcomes of cardiac arrest emergencies.

The LUCAS device extends the reach of care by maintaining chest compressions during transport to advanced lifesaving therapies, including ECMO or PCI in the cath lab. It can improve provider safety, avoiding fatigue over long durations and reducing transport risks by allowing caregivers to sit belted.

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Along with assisting with providing better outcomes for patients, this device can help provide better safety factors for crews. This will reduce the need for crew members standing in a moving ambulance to perform CPR. It can assist in reducing potential back injuries from the strain of performing CPR as well.

The project is made possible by a grant from The Erie Community Foundation. Without the foundation’s generosity, the timeline for this purchase would have potentially been another year or longer. We’re looking forward to its arrival within the next few weeks, ensuring everyone is trained on the proper use of it, and hope we do not need to use it very often.

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