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Volunteers play a crucial role in Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services in our communities.  When someone is in need of emergency services of any kind, volunteers provide the much needed services to save lives and protect property.  It’s essential that we recognize the role they play and how important they are, and think about how you might be able to assist.  Keep in mind, there are numerous ways people can help even if they don’t want to actively participate in emergency operations.

Importance of Volunteers

Volunteers provide cost-effective services to the community.  Volunteers do not receive payments for their time, they serve the communities from a desire to serve and a love of the “job”.   The money that is saved is used to pay for equipment and operational training. 

Volunteers are members of the community.  They come from all aspects of the community; students, police officers, teachers, business owners, homemakers, and any other vocation you can imagine make up the ranks of any volunteer fire department.  They take time away from their day-to-day activities to assist when someone is in need, training, and other needed activities.  They bring their knowledge and skills to help make the organization better and provide the best possible services to the community.

Anyone 14 years old and older can volunteer.  As mentioned, not everyone is required to participate in emergency operations.  There are many tasks needed to keep the organization functioning.  Some of these positions include administrative functions like assisting with finances, fundraising, public relations, building maintenance, and more. 

For a list of specific requirements look at this information.

How to Apply

Anyone who wishes to lend a hand can apply.  Fairview Fire and Rescue has our weekly training sessions every Wednesday at 7 PM.  You’re welcome to come and talk to our members, ask questions, and take a tour. 

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