Annual Grants

The Office of the State Fire Commissioner has notified Fairview Fire & Rescue that our applications for grants have been approved.  These grants are available to emergency responder agencies for the purchase and replacement of equipment, debt reduction or purchase of other items that can assist the agencies in becoming more efficient and effective in what they do. 

Fire Grant

This year the members of Fairview Fire & Rescue requested the grant to assist with the purchase of a new projection system for our training room and to assist purchasing and upgrading the lighting in our truck bay and training room.  These upgrades will enable our department to enhance our capabilities and save money.  

We received $12,057 for these projects.  This will enable us to fully fund the upgrade of our lighting in our apparatus bay and training rooms.  Our desire it to be more energy efficient, enabling us to more wisely use the donation funds from our community.  We want to use those funds to the best of our ability and be able to better serve our community.  

EMS Grant

Our EMS grant was requested for the purchase of 4 AED (Automated External Defibrillators).  An AED is used in the treatment of cardiac arrests.  We received $9,192 which will enable us to upgrade current devices that are at the limit of their life cycle and purchase 2 additional devices.  We now have the capability of having a device on each of our main apparatus to assist protecting our own personnel on scenes of emergencies should one our our personnel suffer a cardiac emergency.

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