Fire Prevention

old image of station 52

Fire Related Incidents are calls we respond on related to structure fires, fire and CO alarms, brush fires and any other related incidents.

Picture This

Shared from Fireman’s Association State of Pennsylvania Facebook page. Picture this : You’re sound asleep, about to wake up to your 7:00 am alarm. Then your tones go off, for a structure fire. You get yourself out of bed, get dressed, put your contacts in/ get your glasses. You rush to get your keys and…

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Detectors… Do You Really Know?

Detector…. Do You Really Know? Cold Truths Since we were young, we have all been taught about the importance of smoke detectors in our homes.  But how much of that do we truly know and how much do we remember.  More importantly, how much do we actually put in to practice?  Every year in the…

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