Update 5/10/2020

Now that Erie county has entered the Yellow phase, we will begin to see more people out and about trying to take advantage of the nicer weather that May brings, as well as stretch their legs so to speak after the restrictions that we were experiencing.  However, we encourage everyone to please continue to take necessary precautions to combat the spread of this virus.  We understand that there are many who do not take this seriously, and there is much debate about so much related to this state of emergency, however we ask please take necessary precautions.

Those of us at Fairview Fire & Rescue will continue taking all precautions necessary as we progress through this state of emergency and continue to comply with Department of Health and CDC guidelines.  Our crews will continue to practice social distancing and wearing masks on calls, especially EMS calls.  We will continue to ask questions that some may feel are unnecessary, but we want to continue to protect you and ourselves from the potential spread of Covid-19.  

Update 4/6/2020

We are requiring our personnel to wear masks on all calls whether it is a potential Covid-19 related call or not.  This is not a slight against any members of our community, it is an effort to attempt to help prevent the spread of this invisible attack.  This is a step to help protect you as well as protect our members. 

Together we are experiencing unprecedented times, and the COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly every day. As we navigate these uncharted waters as a global community, the health of our team members and neighbors is our #1 priority. Everyone at Fairview Fire & Rescue wants you to know that first and foremost, we are thinking of you and your families’ well-being. Taking care of yourselves, and each other, is what is most important right now.

We want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to continue to provide top-quality Emergency Medical and Fire/Rescue services to our community.  We know that the news changes daily and it is easy to become scared of the unknown situations that face us.  We encourage all to remain calm.

We want to let everyone know that we are taking extra precautions and do not want anyone to be alarmed if you call upon us and we appear like something out of a movie wearing masks, gowns or goggles.  We need to protect you as much as we need to protect our crews so we can continue to provide you with the necessary emergency services you deserve.   When you call 911, you will be asked additional questions trying to determine if you meet the criteria for our personnel to take additional COVID-19 precautions as prescribed by the CDC.  Our personnel will be asking additional questions to determine whether additional care needs to be used (masks, goggles etc).  Additionally, we are taking extra precautions when responding to both EMS and Fire/Rescue calls at nursing homes which houses some of the more at-risk people in our community.   

We also want to encourage everyone to take precautions to limit their risk to exposure and practice social distancing.  There is a lot of uncertainty about this virus and we hope that the actions of the government will help reduce the spread and limit this time of isolation.  We also encourage everyone to check on one another.  Keep your friends, family and the neighbor you don’t know well in mind.  Take a moment to check on them, if you are concerned about face to face actions, take a moment to place a phone call, video call, text message and say hi, see how they are doing or if they need anything.  Some of the elderly in our community are particularly isolated under the best of circumstances and we need to keep them in mind during these trying times. 

Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure: