Active Members

Active members are those who actively serve the community responding on emergency and service calls. 

Doug Bahrenburg

Doug has been in the fire service for years…….

Evan Baker

Evan has been in the fire service for over 35 years.  Some of his credentials include PA EMT, BVR Tech, Firefighter 2 and Officer 1 Pro Board Certifications.

Eric Ballard


Kevin Burkholder


Tom Chorney

Pat Deck

Joe DeVita

Steve Dick


Randy Fedei

Mike Fries

Tim Fuller


Rich Hartline

Phil Jackson

Mike Kenworthy

Anthony Kulyk

Mary Maston

Tony Mitcho

Nick Portnova

Kraig Rainey

Amy Rounds

Andrew Sebald

Dave Sharer

James Wagner

Josh Wenzel

Jr Members

Max Grechanyy

Austin Hawley

Station 52

7190 West Ridge Rd
Fairview, PA 16415

Fairview Fire & Rescue

PO Box 69
Fairview, PA 16415

(814) 474-5091

Station 53

7040 West Lake Rd
Fairview, PA 16415

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