Fairview fire and Rescue members wish everyone a happy Independence Day. We enjoy meeting and getting to know the citizens and visitors of our community, but as the cliche goes, let’s not “meet by accident”.

Many safety tips are as good any day as on this holiday weekend, but the one big concern that is more prevalent on this holiday than on other days is fireworks.


Several years ago the commonwealth legislature legalized the personal use of fireworks. Since that time there has been an increase in fireworks-related emergency incidents. These incidents range from sparkler burns to structure fires.

Know your surrounding

  • Know where others are when preparing to light fireworks
  • Dry grass and brush could catch fire easily and spread quickly
  • Keep a hose, fire extinguisher, a bucket of water available
  • Keep at least 150 feet away from an occupied structure
  • Don’t walk up to unexploded fireworks to see why they didn’t fire off
  • Do not hold fireworks to prove how tough you are
  • Do not shoot fireworks at people
  • Remember dogs do not like fireworks, keep them in a safe secure location
  • Some veterans struggle with fireworks. If you live near a combat veteran please be courteous and advise them you intend to set off fireworks and approximately when.

If you have questions related to fireworks laws in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, please look at the Pennsylvania State Police FAQ.

Everyday Safety

  • Don’t drink and drive. Have a designated driver or use a ride share system such as Uber
  • Keep hydrated- no one likes to drink water, but it is necessary, particularly on hot days
  • The young and elderly are more prone to heat injuries, keep particular attention on them
  • Use sunscreen
  • Check yourself and family members for ticks, especially after being in the woods are areas with tall grass

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