In the next few weeks, The annual fund drive letter from Fairview Fire and Rescue will arrive in your mailbox. As the time approaches, we ask that you consider how you can assist us this year. We understand times are tough and are grateful to those who have generously donated to us over the years. It is through the generosity of those who donate that we are able to continue making a difference in our community by providing fire, rescue, and EMS to Fairview Township and our neighboring communities.

Why Donate?

Donating to Fairview Fire and Rescue is an investment in your safety and security.

The volunteers in our community provide essential services ensuring the safety and well-being of the residents, businesses and visitors in Fairview. These brave and dedicated men and women selflessly provide safety and comfort to those in need protecting life and property in the event of all types of emergencies. Our volunteers do not receive wages for their hours spent training and responding to emergency calls. Additionally, operational funding is not paid for by the municipality as you would find in larger municipalities such as the city of Erie.

In recent years, the costs of equipment and training and risen significantly making it increasingly difficult to continue to provide emergency services. For example, the cost of a fire apparatus has risen $200,000 or more than it cost just two years ago, a significantly larger increase than in previous years.

What Your Donations Do

Equipment maintenance, upgrade and purchase

With the increased costs, it is more expensive than ever to keep existing equipment in the proper functioning condition to enable our volunteers to provide for your safety in an effective, efficient. and safe manner. Some examples of costs we must incur to provide for our personnel and public safety are
* Replacing our current rescue truck will cost over $900,000
* To outfit each firefighter in protective equipment costs over $8000 per individual
* Routine maintenance on each piece of apparatus, tools and other equipment


In addition to basic skills training required to be able to provide the skills necessary in all areas of fire, rescue and EMS, personnel often participate in refresher and skills update training to ensure proficiency with skills and learn new technologies that emerge to provide for better life and property protection of our community and personnel.

How Can you Donate?


The generosity of the 26% of our community is what keeps us functioning however, if more would team with us, we could do more. You can donate on our website or send a payment when the donation letter arrives.

In-Kind Donations

Donating goods and services that the department needs can help keep Fairview Fire and Rescue functioning efficiently and economically.


Volunteering your time and skills does not necessarily mean responding the emergencies. There is much more that needs done in addition to emergency responses. Assistance with fundraising, community outreach, and administrative functions are all areas we could use your assistance.

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