2022 Fund Drive

You will see a letter in your mailbox soon about the 2022 Fund Drive please keep in mind…..

Each year, the demand on Emergency Services agencies increases, and Fairview Township is no exception. Fairview Fire & Rescue continues to provide for the EMS, Fire, and Rescue requests of the citizens of Fairview Township.

Each time you call 911 for an emergency, our personnel respond to each emergency. Additionally, our personnel handle numerous tree down calls, wires down and various other service calls that could potentially turn into emergency situations if not dealt with.

Our department is a volunteer department which must provide our own infrastructure. We purchase our equipment, apparatus, protective gear and everything through the funds we raise from the generous donations of our community members and businesses. In most communities like ours, the average is about 23% of the residents that donate to their local emergency service agencies, and we fall into that average as well. We realize that many in our community are new to the area, and many have moved from large metropolitan areas where they had fully funded and paid staff and may not realize our community does not have a paid staff.

We understand that times are tough for many and not everyone can financially afford to donate much. But, even the smallest donations will get put to good use and we are immensely grateful for all who donate to us.

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