Those living in Fairview Twp should have received the letter announcing our annual fund drive. We are very grateful to the members of our community who support our efforts to provide quality protective services to the businesses, citizens, and visitors to our community.

We all know the trying times we live in and understand that many are feeling a burden to make ends meet, and we appreciate the donations of any amount. The costs of the tools and equipment we need to provide services continue to increase as well. Much of our equipment is quite expensive to begin with, but we continue to be notified of price increases by vendors on a regular basis.

A small sampling of costs in order to provide emergency services for our community…
-Firefighting protective coat and pants: over $3000/firefighter
-Firefighting boots: over $500/firefighter
-Firefighting helmet: over $500/firefighter
-EMS gloves: over $120/box
-Ambulance: over $150,000
–Engines- over $500,000
–Rescues- over $750,000

You can send in the mailer that you received with a donation, or you can donate securely online with our paypal link.

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